Timeline showing the complete process for replacing your existing staircase with a beautiful new staircase from Totally Bespoke Joinery Ltd

Process 1

Decided to replace your existing staircase, call Totally Bespoke with rough dimensions and specification for your new staircase as outlined in “the buying process” tab”. Maybe refer to one of the staircases seen under the “gallery” tab.

Process 2

After receiving a quote from Totally Bespoke Joinery and are happy to proceed, Totally Bespoke Joinery will come and survey on site and then provide detailed drawings for your approval.

Process 3

Totally Bespoke Joinery can provide 3D visualisations of the proposed design if required.

Process 4

After customer approval has been given and the initial deposit is paid, Timber is ordered into our workshop for the staircase.

Process 5

Timber is then glued up, machined and then the staircase is assembled, ready for delivery.

Process 6

Totally Bespoke Joinery will arrange a delivery date for the staircase to site…

Process 7

…then, the staircase will be delivered on time, using one of our own vans or by courier.

Process 8

Totally Bespoke Joinery will then remove your existing staircase and preparation work will be carried out prior to installation of the new staircase.

Process 9

The new staircase is then moved into position and…

Process 10

…the new staircase is installed, usually on the same day as the old one is removed.

Process 11

Once the new staircase is installed, it is ready for any balustrade.

Process 12

At the top of the staircase, there may be some newels on the landing, ready to take the new balustrade, be it spindles or glass.

Process 13

Totally Bespoke Joinery will fit the new stairs into existing openings and finish the interface with existing walls/ceilings and trimmers accordingly.

Process 14

The underside of the staircase is then reinforced with softwood (if required), so the stairs feel really solid when walking up to them. Additionally, this makes it easier to plasterboard underneath.

Process 15

The stairs are then protected with a plastic protective sheet whilst the additional balustrade work is carried out.

Process 16

The Balustrade is then fitted, be it spindles or toughened glass in rails or on standoffs.

Process 17

The balustrade is completed by installing the handrail on top.

Process 18

Handrails are neatly finished where they may run into walls…

Process 19

…and where the handrail starts at the bottom of the flight too.

Process 20

At the end of the installation, you will hopefully be very happy with the finished product and recommend us to your friends.